Cashbook Accounts

Import your bank statements and then categorise each transaction.

  • Artificial intelligence suggests the best category
  • GoCardless payouts are automatically split
  • Transactions can be split between multiple categories
  • Receipts can be uploaded for each transaction
  • Errors are highlighted
  • Supports multiple bank accounts

Annual Report

Generate your annual report with a click of a button.

  • The annual report is always up-to-date - no more last minute work!
  • Compare categories with other financial years
  • Accounting errors are highlighted
  • Download to spreadsheet


Monitor actual income/expenses against expectations.

  • Graphical view of amount spent/received
  • Easily view transactions for each budget
  • Download to spreadsheet


Monitor the net position of items.

  • Items can be used for events, restricted funds, projects, etc.
  • Items can be linked with events in OSM, which allows leaders to check their finances are accurate
  • Download to spreadsheet

Treasurers love the tools!

OMG - I love this accountancy package! If you take it off me, I'm leaving!
Treasurer, 4th Formby Scouts
Please disregard the last message about the accounts software being good. It is actually AMAZING.
Treasurer, 17th Rochdale/1st Wardle
We have been managing our five bank accounts in Excel up to now. Never before in my 12 years history with the Group have we had one consolidated picture of our finances. At this week's Exec meeting, Trustees were able to query the finances appropriately instead of spending the majority of their time trying to just understand the numbers. Nice job!
John L, 1st Broughton Gifford & Holt Scout Group
The accountancy tools are brilliant and so easy to use with the upload facility making data entry very quick, and also with the artificial intelligence saving even more time once you're up and running.
Group Scout Leader, Synthonia Scout Group
I started from the beginning of the previous financial year and was able to download a full 12 months' figures from the bank, import them to OSM, and add to cashbook in a couple of hours and then output the end of year figures!
This system brings everything together making the accounting easier. It has been so useful to be able to just upload the bank statement and have OSM make logical predictions about categories and link to the different payments.