Online Scout Manager

Making club management easier

Online Club Manager has been designed by leaders for leaders - it gives you the ability to do all of your club admin in one simple, secure, system.

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How can OCM help me?

  • Quick and easy record keeping
  • Badge and award management
  • Programme and event planning
  • Parent portal and communications
  • Financial tracking
  • Safe, secure and GDPR compliant

Easy badge record keeping

Badges and awards can be automatically updated based on your programme and attendance register.

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Easy club management

Communicate with your club, track attendance, handle payments, and manage your members' progression through the club.

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Easy programme planning

Plan and improve your programme with OCM's enormous database of over 15,000 activities contributed from club leaders from around the world.

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Easy parent communication

The parent portal allows parents to help you with your administration and gives them the tools to sign up to events, see the programme, view badge progress and more.

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